Why the Quooker CUBE is a Game-Changer in Your Kitchen

At Controlled Interiors, luxury meets innovation in our bespoke kitchen designs. Our passion lies in creating kitchens that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also brimming with high-spec functionality. One such game-changing feature that we’re excited to offer is the Quooker CUBE. This innovative device has revolutionised kitchens around the world, offering instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water at your fingertips.

Here, we’ll explain what makes the Quooker CUBE so special, investigating its impressive features, benefits, and how it seamlessly integrates into any kitchen design.

What is the Quooker CUBE?

Before we take a look at the benefits, let’s explain what it actually is. The Quooker CUBE is so much more than just a tap. It’s a multi-functional device that’s taken innovative kitchen design to new heights. At first glance, it appears like any other stylish and sleek kitchen faucet, but hidden within its elegant design lies a world of convenience and efficiency. 

What makes it so special is its ability to dispense five different types of water; hot, cold, boiling, chilled and sparking – all from a single tap! Gone are the days of waiting for the kettle to boil or the frustration of running out of bottled sparkling water. With the Quooker CUBE, you have immediate access to any of these water types at the turn of a handle.

How does it work?

To achieve this, Quooker utilises two tanks. One tank is responsible for producing boiling water, while the other, called the CUBE, is installed in the kitchen cabinet delivering chilled water with a CO2 cylinder connected onto it to provide instantaneous sparkling water.

What about the taste?

The Quooker CUBE has this covered, too. An activated carbon filter ensures that whichever water you opt for is kept clean and tasting and smelling fresh and crisp.

Will it fit in my kitchen?

In terms of integration, the Quooker CUBE is designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen. Its compact size means it can be installed under the sink, out of sight, yet always ready to deliver. Whether you have a contemporary kitchen design or prefer the traditional touch, the Quooker CUBE will blend in perfectly. 


Why the Quooker CUBE is a Must-Have in Your Kitchen

Having a Quooker CUBE in your kitchen offers benefits beyond simply dispensing five types of water:


No more waiting for the kettle for your morning tea or coffee. No more buying and storing bottled sparkling water or keeping a jug cooling in the fridge. The Quooker CUBE makes access to these waters quick and easy.


The Quooker CUBE eliminates the need for multiple devices like a kettle, water-filter jug or even a separate fridge for bottled sparkling water. This means more space in your fridge and on your countertop. wastepng

Energy and water efficiency:

The Quooker CUBE is designed to be highly energy efficient. It heats only the exact amount of water you require, reducing water waste. Plus, its vacuum-insulated tank ensures the standby power consumption is just 10 watts.


Safety should always be a key concern when dealing with boiling water. The Quooker CUBE comes with a childproof handle and insulated sides that ensure it never feels hot to the touch, preventing accidental burns.

Transforming Everyday Tasks

These benefits can be applied in a number of different ways, making various kitchen tasks more accessible and more convenient.


The Quooker CUBE makes food preparation faster and more straightforward. Whether you’re boiling vegetables, making pasta, or just preparing a cup of tea, instant boiling water can significantly reduce your cooking time.


With chilled and sparkling water on demand, staying hydrated becomes a breeze. No need to wait for water to cool in the fridge or spend money on shop-bought sparkling water.


Boiling water from the Quooker CUBE can be used to clean stubborn stains on dishes and cutlery, making your cleaning process more efficient.

What Do Our Designers Think?

We asked our designers for their thoughts. Here’s what they said:


"The reason why I love selling Quooker taps is simply because they are the best boiling water tap on the market. They deliver true boiling temperature, something competitors struggle to do (reaching only 98 degrees, for example). The build quality combined with never having an aftersales issue means I love to sell the best tap on the market. They're super stylish and effortless to use. 10/10." – Guy


"A Quooker tap offers customers the convenience of instant boiling water and is high on many wish lists these days. Adding the CUBE brings a whole new dimension to kitchen design. Before Quooker introduced the CUBE, an American fridge freezer was often the only viable solution for customers who wanted chilled drinking water.  With design trends focusing on clean lines, a bulky freestanding fridge freezer often spoiled the overall look of a kitchen. This left customers with a tough dilemma of choosing between the overall aesthetics of the design and functionality. The introduction of the CUBE has not only solved that design issue, but it has also taken the technology to a whole new level by offering users chilled sparkling water – all from a single stylish tap." ­– Tim


"I always encourage the Flex tap rather than the Fusion for its convenient yet discreet pull-out hose, allowing easy rinsing down of the sink. I use this feature almost every time I am at the sink due to its practicality. The added bonus of the tap is obviously the instant boiling water. I have two children, and because of the way it's operated to get the boiling water, it’s perfectly safe for them to use it as a normal conventional tap." - Penny 


The Quooker CUBE and Controlled Interiors

Controlled Interiors is renowned for its bespoke kitchen designs that seamlessly integrate functionality with aesthetics. The Quooker CUBE, with its innovative design and multi-functionality, aligns perfectly with this ethos.


But it's not just about the products; Controlled Interiors is committed to providing superior customer service. Our expert team assists customers in navigating through the various options available, helping them understand the features and benefits of each, including the Quooker CUBE. We are dedicated to ensuring that each kitchen we design meets our customers' unique needs and exceeds their expectations.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can give your kitchen a new life aesthetically and practically. Alternatively, take a look at our portfolio of projects.

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