How to Maximise Natural Light in Your Kitchen

How to Maximise Natural Light in Your Kitchen

“How do I get more natural light in my kitchen?” It’s a question we hear a it here at Controlled Interiors. Our solution is surprisingly simple – it involves choosing the right combination of colours, shades and materials for the different surfaces in the heart of your home.

With summer here and the sun out in full force, we thought it was about time we shared how to make the most out of natural light in your kitchen.

Ways to maximise natural light in your kitchen

1. Choose light-reflecting worktops

Your horizontal surfaces can really suck the natural light from a room if you make unwise choices with the kind of material or colour. Conversely, the right choice can bounce natural light around the kitchen and really help to open up the space.

Marble or bright quartz are especially great choices if you’re trying to make your kitchen feeling brighter and breezier, on account of the way light reflects right off the surface. Pair that with other light shades around your kitchen and you’re off to a great start!

2. Go for a light but neutral colour scheme

Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to go light on the whole colour scheme in your kitchen – but make sure you don’t overdo it. Whites, greys, silvers and even light creams are all neutral but beautiful when the daylight hits them. Combining them artfully is one of those clever ways to maximise natural light in your kitchen that seems so obvious that many kitchen designers forget to recommend it. For instance, white quartz backsplashes and worktops, brushed steel appliances, and grey drawers. Put that all together and you’ll start to see even dark kitchens brightening up more than you might have ever thought possible!

3. Use light-bouncing flooring materials

When we mentioned horizontal surfaces in point one, we weren’t just talking about the worktops. If you’re weighing up how to increase natural light in your kitchen, the floor is very easily overlooked – figuratively and literally!

Of course, it could be that the idea of an all-white floor feels a little… much. For instance, they show the dirt up easily, and can make the whole space feel a little too clinical – more like a science lab than a place to cook and entertain. However, a nicely chosen off-white, beige or light stone is an altogether more clever way to maximise natural light in your kitchen.

4. Use glass or mirrors on cabinets and other vertical surfaces

We love glass here at Controlled Interiors. We use it to add depth and light to cooking spaces – particularly smaller ones where maximising natural light in your kitchen is of the upmost importance.

Take cabinet doors, for instance. Your typical wooden one presents a flat surface a foot or so from the wall. It makes the space look a little more enclosed, and can absorb light – no matter what materials you choose.

But a glass cupboard door serves two functions. Glass itself partially reflects light, making it a clever way to maximise natural light in your kitchen. It also lets you see the cups, glasses and crockery on the shelving inside, giving you a practical aspect; neither you or your guests will ever be confused about where to look for the things you need!

Another of our favourite tips for making the most out of natural light in your kitchen is to use small mirrored areas or surfaces with a partially mirrored finish. Imagine a backsplash that also bounces light around the room, or a central island space with some tasteful mirroring on its side. Added to the other tips above, and you’ll be looking at the loveliest light kitchen space you could imagine!

Need a new bright ‘n’ breezy kitchen designed by experts?

At Controlled Interiors our designers are experts at helping you to maximise your space along both aesthetic and practical lines. So if you’re looking for a dream kitchen that’s bright, beautiful and easy to use with tons of nifty little touches, you’ve come to the right place!

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