Indulge in Luxury: Celebrating World Baking Day

In recent years, baking has gone from the occasional weekend hobby to a regular practice for many. The meditative and creative fulfillment that it gives us is well documented and has led to an international celebration each year on World Baking Day. 

Whether you’re a lifelong enthusiast ready to take your skills to the next level or a new convert armed with flour, eggs, and a whole lot of determination, learning how to adapt your kitchen for baking can really elevate your culinary creations. 

So, how can homeowners or prospective buyers ensure their space is fully equipped for the whims of a baker’s dream? Here, we’ll share essential tips to improve your kitchen for baking, considering luxury appliances, space optimisation, and the best materials to help you wow friends and family.

Home Baking is on the Rise

Modern life can be busy and, occasionally, stressful. Striking a balance between work, family, and social lives has left many on the lookout for a relaxing and fulfilling hobby. This, coupled with the rise of baking shows like Bake Off and Nailed It, has inspired a growing number of people to take up baking at home.  

This newfound love of home baking has also spurred demand for spaces that are as inviting as they are practical. Adapting your kitchen for baking is a crucial consideration for anyone looking to take their culinary space to the next level.

The Right Equipment

When it comes to organising your kitchen for baking, your space is only as good as the equipment it houses. Mixers and ovens take centre stage here. But how do you select the best appliance for your needs?

Choosing a Mixer

Mixers are the workhorses of the baking world. Sure, some purists insist on old-fashioned whisks and wooden spoons – and for many applications, these are still perfect – but for any serious home baker, a good quality mixer is a must. 

Stand mixers offer stability, power and precision. If you’re a beginner looking for an entry-level mixer, you can do worse than the VonShef 8-speed mixer. It’s compact, light, and surprisingly powerful. For those seeking something more high-end, KitchenAid is the way to go. The Artisan 125 has ten speeds with innovative planetary action, ensuring an even mix. 


Above: KitchenAid Artisan 125. Credit: Harts of Stur


If a stand-mixer isn’t practical for you, then a hand-mixer is an excellent option. This cordless one from Cuisinart is convenient and powerful.

Which Oven is Best For Baking?

Anyone who’s serious about adapting their kitchen for baking needs to make sure they’ve got the right oven. If you’ve spent time, energy, and affection whipping up your cake mix, cookie dough, or artisan loaf, you want to be confident of the perfect bake.

We recommend the Bosch Series 6 and 8.

These modern smart ovens feature a range of features that make baking not only enjoyable but easy, too. The Series 6 has an added steam function, which helps you bake crusty rolls, crumbly pastry, and fluffy cakes by adding the perfect amount of steam for delicious results inside and out. 

The Series 8 benefits from a state-of-the-art PerfectBake sensor, which ensures that your cakes, loaves, muffins, and more are spot on every time.  The sensor assesses the humidity in your oven and adjusts the bake time, heating mode, and temperature automatically. This means you can simply select the relevant option (for example, quiche) and press Start. Your oven does the rest! 

bosch ovenjpg

Above: Bosch Series 8 Credit: Bosch


All of this is operated using an easy TFT touchdisplay, giving you simple, ergonomic control over every baking project.

The Best Materials

Material choice is as important as the appliances that sit on or in them. The right materials will enhance your baking experience and make clean-up a breeze.

Which Worktops?

When improving your kitchen for baking, making sure you’ve got the right worktops is crucial. The most popular choices for bake-friendly worktops are quartz and stainless steel. They’re also easy to match with stylish kitchen cupboards.  

In terms of aesthetics, these materials offer a stunning, timeless appeal. Whether you go for a patterned design to bring movement and detail to your space or an elegant, airy, one-tone finish, quartz or stainless steel countertops, bring a sophisticated, subtle shine to your kitchen. 


Above: An example of our stunning stainless steel worktops


Augment them using slab features like marble pastry boards, too, for a functional and stunning upgrade to your baking experience.

Utilising Your Space

Whether you’re designing a new home or adapting your existing kitchen for baking, the proper use of space is a key step.

Assessing Your Baking Needs

If you’re a serial baker, a separate baking area with its own sink and refrigeration might be ideal. If you’re a casual enthusiast, a designated corner in your main kitchen will likely suffice. Either way, we believe that versatility is key.

Plentiful Storage

As your love of baking grows, so too does your collection of flours, sugars, spices, and other ingredients. Storing these in an accessible and convenient way is an integral part of organising your kitchen for baking.  

Traditional, spacious kitchen cupboards are a classic solution to keep your supplies neatly tucked away. Or, for a more contemporary choice, store your ingredients in stylish jars on open shelving.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Kitchen for World Baking Day?

For over three decades, Controlled Interiors has been providing exquisite, luxury-filled designs throughout Hampshire. We’re experts at meticulously designing our kitchens to make the most of your space, delivering beautiful, practical solutions no matter your requirements.  

Whether your tastes are contemporary or traditional, we work with you to create the perfect kitchen for your needs. Visit our showroom in Fareham, Hampshire, to see our luxury kitchens in person, or get in touch for more information.

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