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Our Favourite Current Kitchen Appliances

Everyone at our Winchester and Fareham showrooms live and breathe kitchen design day in, day out. So, as you can imagine, they take all of that know-how home with them to use in their own kitchens too!

With that in mind, we asked three of our team members to recommend their favourite kitchen products. These are their picks!

Scott recommends the Bosch Series 8 built-in compact oven

Our kitchen designer Scott has only been with us for six months, but has been working in kitchen design for over 10 years. For his favourite appliance he’s gone for the Bosch Serie 8 built-in compact steam oven owing to its wide selection of functions.

There are 11 Bosch compacts in all, and Scott particularly loves the “fast heat-up and sheer efficiency when it comes to cooking dishes quickly.”

That last benefit is down to the unit’s hot air function, and steam cooking that keeps food crispy on the outside but juicy in the middle.

“It suits my life brilliantly,” says Scott. “It’s perfect for cooking for two people, with a compact size cavity that’s still large enough to do everything I need it to.”

Alison recommends a Quooker tap

Alison works in our admin team and has been with us for around two and a half years. She absolutely loves a brew – which perhaps explains why she’s gone for Quooker’s always-ready boiling water outlet!

“The instant boiling water just makes it so much quicker to make teas and coffees and fill up saucepans,” she says. And because it delivers water at 100 degrees, a Quooker tap makes a crackin’ cup of tea!"

“Another bonus I really like about a Quooker tap is that the kitchen simply looks a little cleaner and tidier without a kettle on the side, which gives me more space for food preparation.”

“Quooker taps are of course as easy and safe to use as a normal tap, but also come with extra options that you’d never get from a normal kitchen nozzle like sparkling and chilled water.”

To see Quooker’s full range, please visit their online collection.

Guy recommends the Elica NikolaTesla Hob

Our Director Guy has been with us going on eight years now. He’s a keen cook and loves spending time rustling up meals on the hob for friends and family alike.

“My decision to choose an integrated hob and extractor was easy,” he says. “I was creating an open-plan space, and I really didn’t want a ceiling-hung stainless steel extractor spoiling my eye-line view.”

As you can see from the photo above, the NikoTesla Switch has the extraction solution literally built into the flat hob surface, pulling fumes into the centre of the cooking area rather than allowing them to escape upwards. On aesthetics alone, it’s one of the best new kitchen gadgets – and that’s before you factor in its superb functionality.

“The Elica integrated hob is a super sleek design and works very efficiently in eliminating the smells and steam from my cooking,” says Guy, “It’s very easy to keep clean and fits perfectly in my modern kitchen.”

You can learn more about Elica’s NikolaTesla venting hob here.

What will you choose for your kitchen?

So those are the favourite appliances according to our team. Did any take your fancy? Or do you use one or more already? 

For more expert kitchen advice, check out our blog or get in touch to get specific advice about what might work best in your kitchen.